Sedona Trail Review – Boynton Canyon Trail

Sedona Trail Review – Boynton Canyon Trail

Last weekend I went hiking in Sedona, Arizona and I am a little late on sharing these photos but I figured why not! Whenever people visit us in Arizona they ask about trails they can hike and I figured this way I can remember more details and share my experience with more people. This is my first review of a trail so bare with me. Please feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions for future trail review posts.

I usually hike/walk with more athletic people so when they tell me, “it isn’t that hard,” I expect “very hard.” I went on the Boynton Canyon Trail hike with my friend Nina (way more in shape than me) and she convinced me by saying that her mom made it halfway so I could too.

Getting there & Parking: Get off 89A onto Dry Creek Road and follow the signs for Boynton Canyon. The parking fee is $5, you pay and display the ticket on your dashboard (don’t forget!). We got there around 9:30am (in early August) and got the very last spot! Make sure you get there early because this parking lot fills up fast.

What I took & What I wore: I took a backpack with 70oz of water, painkillers (I get headaches from the heat sometimes), snacks for myself and Nina, and extra hair ties. Nina was more prepared and even had an emergency blanket with her. I wore yoga pants, a t-shirt, a hat, and sunglasses. OH, I also had sandals to change into so that we could go get something to eat afterwards without being in dirty shoes (my shoes are usually dusty and red after hikes in Sedona).

My experience: This hike is rated as moderate on the official website. I would say that the beginning was easy and the last “10 minutes” were difficult. According to my Apple Watch we walked a distance of 7.59 miles in 3.5 hours and had an elevation gain of 773 feet. That was with a slow to moderate pace and we stopped to take a few pictures along the way. So back to that elevation gain… I barely made it to the end (I wanted to quit) but when I did I was like WOW! I took a few pictures and then I looked down the canyon. BAD IDEA – that is when I got really dizzy and I had to get back down pretty fast. On the way back to town I ended up having to take motion sickness medicine because I felt sick. If I had to do this hike again I would wait until autumn and not look down at the end (haha). My favorite part of this hike was how green it was – I really did not expect that considering how hot it was. We also saw deer on our way back down!

Click below to see photos of our hike on Boynton Canyon Trail: