Zoey’s Favorite Dog Toys

I have been wanting to write this post for sooo long! Originally I wanted to take photos to go with it but all of her toys are dirty so… not happening! When we got Zoey, I did so much research on the best toys to keep her busy while we worked and these are the ones that have been life savers!

If you’re interested in getting any of these sweet toys, just click the images.

Jolly Ball – This ball is great because you can play tug-of-war or you can just roll it and have your dog chase it. Zoey likes doing both. Sometimes if she is bored she will bite one end and run around with it, we call it doggy cross-fit.Unfortunately we forgot it outside in the summer and one side is sunken in. It still serves its purpose though so we haven’t gotten a new one.

Hide-a-Squirrel – I don’t even think this needs an explanation… I mean Zoey is a miniature schnauzer and they were bred to hunt mice and such. Zoey actually uses the log as a pillow and hides the squirrels around our apartment. We have squirrels under the couch, under tables, under the bed, and under chairs! She loves finding them and playing fetch with them too. It is the cutest.

Kong Wobbler – Zoey eats really fast so this is a must. We give this to her right when we leave in the morning with her first meal and in the evening with her last meal to keep her distracted while we enjoy our dinner. We got the large one and it works really well for Zoey; it took her a few weeks to figure it out because we got it when she was like three months old.

Balls with Holes – These are easier to catch and take away than regular balls. We currently have a few under the couch that Zoey hid down there.

Water Bottle Toys – We tried a ball that had plastic and made the same sound, it always rolls under the couch and hasn’t really worked out. These animals are a great alternative. Zoey loves chasing these when we throw them and then chomping on them for awhile to here the plastic crushing. Another option is to put an empty water bottle in a sock and tie the open end.


Dog Rope Tug Toy – I think we got this thinking that it would be harder to lose but it is currently under our couch as well. Zoey loves this thing and even tries throwing it herself and she drags it around sometimes. She also chews on the rope every now and then (not excessively).


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