My Review of: Trunk Club

I kept seeing an advertisement for Trunk Club on Instagram and I would just ignore it. Then one day I saw a cute outfit and decided to give it a go. There is a $25 styling fee but it goes towards your final purchase so I figured why not. Shipping and returns are free so there isn’t much to lose. You are charged the $25 styling fee when you confirm your order but you are not charged for the clothing you keep until you try it on and return what you are not keeping.

Zoey Trunk Club Box

First impression: I did a survey on my style, size, and budget. The stylist was very prompt and messaged me right away to get my trunk together. They ask for your Pinterest account which made me realize… anyone could put together an outfit for me if they saw my Pinterest account. I could even do it myself if I had the time. Sizes are so inconsistent from store to store that I have avoided shopping lately and decided I would have someone else do the work for me. (That’s my dog Zoey modeling with the box that she wishes she could chew on)

My trunk: My trunk did have a few pieces I really liked… but I was underwhelmed by the items. You have the option to select items you don’t want sent and your stylist will add new ones. I was STILL underwhelmed. The items ranged from $20-$180; $20 for a white t-shirt and $180 for an embroidered denim shirt. Here are photos of the items that were selected for me:


(The above photos and items are from Trunk Club/ Nordstrom, Inc.)

Arrival & First Look: The trunk got here in a few days and it came with a return label to return any items I don’t want within 5 days. I will only be charged for the items that I keep. I kept wondering how they would fit so many items into one box. This is how the items were packed:

Trying on: I tried these on for the photos I took because I wanted to share them with everyone! This ended up being very tiring as it was 100 degrees and Zoey kept photo-bombing me. The shoes that were sent to me did fit well so I did not wear them for these photos. I wore my own wedges because the flats that were sent to me looked funny. The jacket (pictured above) was incredibly comfortable because of the soft material but the sleeves were too long. I would have so kept it if it fit. Below I have photos of the outfits that did fit:

The first two are outfits I decided to keep and the last three are the outfits I decided not to keep. The dresses looked okay from the front but from the side they bubbled up, I think a belt might have helped. I had high hopes for the black 3/4 sleeve top because it had great reviews but it was not as flattering as I hoped.

Final thoughts: I decided to keep the jeans because they were really flattering and comfortable as well as the white t-shirt and the striped peplum t-shirt. Also it turns out that you can take the clothes you keep to Nordstrom for alterations. I think I made a mistake which was that during the Trunk Club survey I asked for simple (black and white) clothes and I expressed my desire to be more minimalist. I think I would have still liked more fun pieces! Overall I enjoyed this experience because if it wasn’t for the Trunk Club personal stylist I would have never tried on those jeans. I am seriously going to buy them in every color! They are Wit & Wisdom Ab Solution jeans if you’re interested.


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